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Strategy for agriculture development in Tuzla canton
Strategy for environment protection in Brcko district BiH
Development strategy for agriculture, food and rural development in Brcko district BiH
Project Name: Action plan for Implementation of Strategy for Agriculture, Food-Industry and Rural Development in Brcko District of BiH, 2009 -2013
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Project name: EU support to SME and Regional Economic Development in BiH (EU RED II)

Agenore’s role: Local partner in consortium

Project description:The EURED II project began in December 2005 and will last 21 months. It is funded by the EU and implemented by EURECNA Italy. Thanks to the engagement of Agenore in the first phase of the support (Project EU RED I, Apr 2003.-Oct 2005.), EURECNA selected Agenore for the local partner. International partners in the consortium are the following: Shannon Development Ireland, Crescendo UK, Regionomica Germany, and JAPTI Slovenia.

The project's overall objective is to stimulate economic growth and employment generation, thereby contributing to the creation of a basis for sustainable development and social dialogue in BiH.

The specific objectives are:

  • To support the establishment of a comprehensive institutional and legal framework for Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) promotion and development, in line with the BiH SME Development Strategy, the EU Charter on SMEs and regional development plans.
  • To strengthen economic regions and the regional development framework, in line with EU practice.
  • To support economic regeneration, job creation and human and infrastructure development in the different regions.

 EURED II project activities will focus on:

  1. Institutional Support
  2. Capacity Building
  3. The EU RED Fund
  4. Communication and Knowledge Transfer

For more information on EURED II, see www.eured-sme-bih.org


Agenore is a partner for the EU Project for Public Administration Reform in BiH
The contract for “Capacity building of the office of the Coordinator for Public Administration Reform” financed by the European Union is awarded to the consortium led by Eurecna, which consortium members are: SIPU international (Sweden), Agenore d.o.o. (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Crescendo UK (Unit >>>
Draft Action Plan for Agriculture Development in Brcko District Finalised
The Draft Action Plan for Agriculture Development in Brcko District of BiH was finalised, through the completed consultation process with the local actors from agricultural sector, which included workshops and direct interviews. This document is an operational plan for the implementation of develope >>>
October 2008.
Producing of Action plan for development of agriculture in Brcko district BiH
After creation of Strategy for development of agriculture, food and rural development in Brcko district BiH for 2008. -2013. period, Department for agriculture, forestry and water management in Brcko district Government started activities on producing an Action plan for Strategy implementation. Pro >>>
Agriculture Development Strategy in Tuzla Canton Developed
Agenore Brcko District BiH, as a member of the consortium with the Faculty of Economics in Tuzla and Agriculture Economic Institute from Belgrade, participated in a preparation of the Agriculture Development Strategy in Tuzla Canton for the period 2009-2013. This project was funded by the Ministry f >>>
May 2008
Presentation of Analysis on situation in agriculture in Tuzla Canton
Ministry of agriculture, forestry and water management of Tuzla Canton awarded creation of Strategy for agriculture development in Tuzla Canton for 2009-2023 period to consortia formed by Agenore, Faculty of Economics from Tuzla and Institute of agricultural economics from Belgrade. After detailed >>>
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